A movement to segregate hospital wastewater discharge in municipalities is gaining support. Hospitals currently pay to have qualified professionals pick up hazardous materials from waste receptacles. Awareness of the implications of hospital plumbing waste is becoming unavoidable. Questions arise surrounding the presence of pathogens, antibiotics, iodinated contrast media, microbial agents, and other chemicals in the watershed, as many of these are resistant to normal wastewater treatment found in municipalities.

On average, U.S. hospitals use 140,000 gallons of water per day. The estimate for L.A. County is 319 gpd of wastewater produced per bed, per day (at 70% occupancy). Although it varies by state or county, most impose a surcharge beyond acceptable wastewater production.

MWTS, as stand-alone or turnkey systems can recycle 100% of hospital wastewater-including reuse in toilets, laundry, irrigation & fire suppression. Virtually eliminates discharge & cost of water consumption &surcharges for wastewater production overages.